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Kevin Vogeltanz lives and practices in St. Tammany Parish just outside of New Orleans. He specializes in employment discrimination cases and represents employees in lawsuits against the federal government, Louisiana state government, local government, international corporations, and local businesses across all of Louisiana. Kevin frequently represents clients who have been wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, sexually harassed, and retaliated against at work. Kevin also represents clients who haven’t been paid the overtime wages, minimum wages, commissions, and final paychecks that they’re owed for their work.
Kevin has a passion for representing his clients and has more than a decade of experience litigating employment discrimination cases in every Louisiana federal court. He has successfully represented federal workers, Louisiana state employees, teachers, social workers, firefighters, chemical plant operators, oil & gas workers, postal employees, restaurant staff, corporate executives, middle managers, entry level workers, and other people just like you across dozens of industries.


Based on his work, success, and reputation for excellence, Kevin is regularly recognized as one of the top employment lawyers in Louisiana by groups like Super Lawyers, New Orleans Magazine, and Avvo. Kevin is also a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association, American Bar Association, Louisiana Association of Justice, National Employment Lawyers Association, and the Plaintiff’s Employment Lawyers Association of Louisiana. When not working on his cases, Kevin frequently gives accredited seminars to other lawyers about employment law, ethics, and professionalism.
No matter your employment case, no matter who you work for, Kevin Vogeltanz has the training and experience to help. Employment discrimination is illegal. Sexual harassment is illegal. Refusing to pay an employee the wages and salary they’re owed is illegal. You don’t have to be a victim. Call Kevin today.

Cases and Legal Services

Our firm is proud to represent clients in the following types of cases.

Discrimination & Wrongful Termination

Discrimination & Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination and discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, disability, age, and religion

Sexual Harassment & Hostile Work Environment

Sexual Harassment & Hostile Work Environment

Unwelcome touching, comments, threats, and demands based on sex and other protected statuses

Retaliation & Whistleblower Cases

Retaliation & Whistleblower Cases

Protecting workers against retaliation because of protected complaints and whistle blowing

Minimum Wage & Overtime Pay Violations

Minimum Wage & Overtime Pay Violations

Collecting unpaid minimum wage, unpaid overtimes wages, and penalty damages for qualified employees

Federal Employees & Federal EEO Cases

Federal Employees & Federal EEO Cases

Our law firm regularly represents federal employees in both the administrative EEO and federal court phases of their complaints

U.S. Military and USERRA Claims

U.S. Military and USERRA Claims

Protecting employees from discrimination, retaliation, and loss of workplace seniority because of service in the U.S. armed forces

Severance Agreement Negotiations

Severance Agreement Negotiations

If you’ve been offered a severance agreement, we strongly recommend consulting with us or another law firm BEFORE signing!

General Employment Consultations

General Employment Consultations

Mr. Vogeltanz regularly consults with workers on an affordable, per hour basis

Awards & Memberships

Case Results

Real Cases. Real Results.

Every case is different, and our firm cannot promise any particular result.  However, Kevin Vogeltanz has built a track record of success in his employment cases. Here are some of the results he’s most proud of:

























Active and Pending Litigations

Real Cases Kevin Is Litigating Right Now

Our firm litigates almost every sort of employment case there is against every sort of defendant you can imagine. Below is a sample of some of our active and pending cases.

  • Political affiliation discrimination / Free Speech retaliation under the First Amendment and Louisiana state law
    • Military Service Discrimination under USERRA
      • Equal Pay Discrimination under the Equal Pay Act
        • Unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation cases under Title VII, the ADA, and the ADEA
          • Unpaid minimum wages and overimes wages under the FLSA
            • Unpaid sales commissions and final paychecks under Louisiane state law
              • Retaliation based on environmental and safety whistleblowing under Louisiana state law
                • Retaliation based on Medicare / Medicaid / Insurance-fraud whistleblowing under federal and Louisiana state law
                  • Active or pending litigation against multiple federal agencies
                    • Active or pending litigation against multiple Louisiana local governmental units and school boards
                      • Active or pending litigation against multiple international corporations
                        • Active or pending litigation against national and regional corporations


                          What Actual Clients and Real Attorneys Say about Kevin

                          “Kevin sets realistic expectations from the start – because he knows the law. He was always hands-on, informative, and genuine. Top notch!”

                          – C.B., actual client, Texas

                          “Kevin is a talented litigator and advocate. He is not afraid to handle tough cases, and his approach to the law gives his clients confidence. He takes care to learn the issues in the case and puts in the time to consider strategy from the beginning.”

                          – Mark Graffagnini, Esq. Attorney in New Orleans

                          “Kevin treated me as if I were his only client. He didn’t just represent me, he was on my side. The outcome was favorable. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and I highly recommend his services. Top notch customer care, both professional and personable.”

                          —M.M., actual client, Lousiana

                          “Kevin’s insistence on direct communication and direct involvement in every aspect of the representation is way more than lip service. It’s essentially vesting himself in his clients’ outcomes. To me, Kevin has effectively taken the big firm know-how and packaged it for everyman. In terms of technology, efficiency, and client access to their file, hiring Kevin is the functional equivalent of getting a key to one of the big firms in New Orleans. You’ll like working with Kevin, and I know this because I like working with Kevin. He gets my highest recommendation.”

                          – Andrew Lilly, Esq. Attorney in New Orleans

                          “I appreciate the care [Kevin showed] and the expeditious manner he worked on my case. Kevin is a proven, successful lawyer with the smart background to work for you.”

                          – L.T., actual client, Louisiana

                          “Kevin is one of the smartest lawyers I know. He assesses the situation in an intelligent and practical manner and reaches conclusions based on the facts and law in a very rational manner. He is very personable and his clients love him. I highly recommend Kevin.”

                          – Peggy Vallejo, Esq. Attorney in Covington

                          “I had a great experience with Kevin. He’s always available and there for you when you need him. There are no questions you can’t ask. Give him a call!”

                          – J.R., actual client, Louisiana

                          “I have worked with Kevin on various issues, and have always found him to conduct himself in a highly professional manner. He is more than just a competent lawyer; he is brilliant with a stellar legal mind.”

                          – Jerome Matthews, Esq. Attorney in Gretna

                          We're committed to helping you every step of the way.

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